Real Estate Lawyer New York City

Martha M. Dwyer provides exceptional real estate legal advice on purchase and sale agreements, leases, and financing. 

Real Estate Transactions

Martha M. Dwyer’s real estate legal services include:

  • Real property purchase and sale transactions.
  • Commercial and residential leasing
  • Real estate financing, including HUD-insured loans

Martha M. Dwyer provides exceptional real estate legal advice on purchase and sale agreements, leases, and financing. In her over three-decade-long career, she has represented a broad spectrum of clients in hundreds of transactions with brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, investors, and lenders and helped them better understand the detailed intricacies of real estate transactions in New York City.

Martha Dwyer is sensitive to the confusion that can manifest with the various legal options available and takes the extra effort to make certain her clients understand them. From commercial lease agreements to guiding clients through the condo and co-op purchases and sales process, the Law Office of Martha M. Dwyer is standing by to help. Contact her today to learn more about real estate legal services and schedule a consultation to discuss your particular needs.

Why you should rely on a real estate lawyer

  • Review Contracts: Real Estate sales contracts can be complicated. There are addendums, clauses, and long paragraphs about the stipulations and agreements involved with the sales transaction. Marth Dwyer will review your contract and ensure all terms are understood and that what you have agreed upon is legal
  • Prepare Conveyance Documents:  to prepare and review deeds, certificates of liens, land titles, and any other side agreements you may have.
  • Closing: The closing process is a sensitive and stressful time for real estate buyers. It is the time that all contracts must be signed, any mortgage documents and monies are finalized and given to the appropriate parties, and when the transaction is finalized.
  • Specialized Attorney: Not all real estate attorneys have the specialized knowledge to make, real estate, condo and co-op purchases and sales go smoothly. 

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