Mergers & Acquisitions


Martha Dwyer’s Mergers & Acquisitions services include:


      • Determining basic financial and legal parameters of the deal
      • Considering business priorities and possible issues and exposure
      • Determining, plan and execute due diligence, including tax and
        financial analysis and identification of exposure
      • Negotiating term sheets and letters of intent
      • Negotiating definitive agreements
      • Closing the transaction
      • Post-close follow-up


In today’s global corporate environment, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can give rise to a wide range of legal issues. Companies need expert advice when dealing with transaction arrangements, tax issues, management and employment structure, and indemnification. Choosing the right attorney for such a transaction requires someone with foresight, experience and a broad network of legal and accounting experts.

Martha Dwyer is an experienced and innovative lawyer who lends her expertise to businesses through every stage of their transactions. From negotiation to execution, she seeks to ensure that every aspect of the deal is handled well and to the benefit of her clients. Over more than three decades, she has dealt with hundreds of M&A transactions valued from several thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars – and her methods have been proven to be both efficient and cost-effective.

In each  M&A situation, she is guided by her distinctively practical yet holistic approach. She considers her client’s business needs and how to protect them. It is this integrative and pragmatic strategy that has allowed Martha Dwyer to stand out as an effective legal advisor in the field of M&A.

She has a network of highly talented and experienced accountants and lawyers with particular areas of expertise, such as tax and ERISA, who review relevant aspects of her clients’ matters where appropriate.


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