Private Equity & Finance


Martha Dwyer represents investors, borrowers and lenders on a wide range of private equity & financing transactions, including:


      • Start-up financing
      • Making equity investments
      • Bank loans (secured and unsecured)
      • Refinancings


Martha Dwyer provides legal advice on raising funds for businesses and investment vehicles such as private equity funds, primarily through private placements of securities. Having represented both sides (separately) for many years, she delivers over 35 years of knowledge and experience to help strategize the most suitable means of raising funds for her clients. This includes planning and drafting documents that accurately reflect client goals. She also provides guidance in effectively negotiating transactions.

In providing these services, Martha Dwyer understands that businesses are often presented with a wide range of legal, tax, and other regulatory issues. These have become particularly challenging today, with the highly dynamic investment business landscape brought about by the volatile political and economic situation domestically and internationally. Martha Dwyer’s judgment and experience enable her to assist clients in selecting the right legal option among the myriad of available solutions. In addition, Martha works with a carefully hand-picked team of other top legal practitioners who provide assistance in tax, ERISA and other complex areas. She and her team closely work with each client to determine its business goals, and develop and execute timely and sound strategies.

Lengthy experience and keen judgement are basic requirements in a lawyer if you wish to get helpful advice needed for your legal transactions. Martha Dwyer can provide such skills along with an understanding of what to expect as your outcome. Martha has represented various private equity funds in structuring and negotiating fundraising and investments for many years, including drafting one of the first clawbacks.


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