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What Clients Have to Say…

“Marty came in and saved the sale over many intense months”

"Marty Dwyer represented me when I sold my main business. I had just parted ways with my previous attorney, who had worked on the sale for over a year. Marty came in and saved the sale over many intense months during the last half of 2018 and early 2019, and after the closing when a significant post-closing adjustment dispute arose. She was always very precise on provisions of the many agreements and helped me understand issues and assisted me on prioritizing, worked well with other side, a large company and a large law firm, and quickly gained the respect of both. She was very successful in negotiations and documentation and closing. I honestly can’t imagine how I would have gotten through this without her. She continues to advise me with respect to another business. She always responds amazingly quickly and comprehensively. I do not make a move without talking to Marty first. She has become so much more to me than just my lawyer. I trust her completely and highly recommend her...

She is reliable, trustworthy and respectful.

“Without reservation, our family highly recommends Attorney Martha Dwyer. She represented us in the negotiation and sale of our New York City apartment from July through October 2016. Martha takes great pride in her work. She is reliable, trustworthy and respectful. She displayed utmost professionalism while guiding us through the legal process, making the transaction a smooth one. Communication is important to Martha. She was on top of each task while providing updates in a timely fashion. We laud her exceptional working skills and personal qualities. It is with boundless enthusiasm that we give Attorney Dwyer this very well-earned recommendation!” – Josef Adler, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley  

We’ve used Marty’s services for company organization, transfers of ownership, and ongoing maintenance for over 12 years.

“We’ve used Marty’s services for company organization, transfers of ownership, and ongoing maintenance for over 12 years. Coming from the UK and opening a branch office in New York, we needed someone who was direct, open and responsive, and Marty had everything under control. Over the years we’ve made several changes of ownership and structure, including spinning off the New York office as its own entity, and each time Marty executed the changes seamlessly. Where necessary – such as on matters of international taxation – she made professional referrals which have also been invaluable to us. We’ve come to depend on Marty both to handle our business legalities but also as a friend. We’d recommend her highly to anyone looking for a skilled and dependable corporate lawyer in New York.” – Casper Newbolt, President, Version Industries, Inc.

“I found her to be persistent in a positive fashion”

“I met Ms. Dwyer when both of us were working on a transaction involving a nursing home debt owed to the New York State Department of Health that her client, the prospective new owner of the facility, was seeking to negotiate with the Department. Although Martha was not the only attorney working with the client, she was the one who took the lead during the negotiation process. I found her to be persistent in a positive fashion, given the many bureaucratic hurdles that needed to be overcome in order to reach a settlement, and always pleasant, reasonable, and very accessible when communication was necessary. She has the ability that too few lawyers have of knowing when to push and when not to do so, and I am glad to recommend her.” – Florence Abrams, Former Associate Attorney, New York State Department of Health  

“Whether it is forming a legal structure to start a business, acquiring another business, purchasing real estate, negotiating business contracts, or dealing with a business dispute, Martha receives my strongest recommendation.”

“I first met Martha Dwyer in April 2006, less than two years after I started my first business in NYC. From our first meeting until the present day, Martha has assisted me in a myriad of ways extending far beyond standard legal services – she has served as a business consultant, strategic advisor, valued networker, and thoughtful friend. Martha is incredibly responsive, realizing that sometimes the needs of a small business are urgent and time sensitive. On more than one occasion Martha has taken time during the weekends and her personal vacation time to assist in the review and generation of legal documents, and also consult with me on other matters. One of my favorite things about Martha is that she is atypically light-hearted, relaxed, and refined – qualities I don’t see as pervasive among the attorneys I know and have dealt with. But these are more than her personality traits – these personal qualities are distilled in her work. Her heightened sense of design produces legal...

“She consistently struck the perfect balance of cordiality and firmness”

“I was a member in a Real Estate LLC in New York. Perceived improprieties on the part of the managing member during the sale of properties prompted my initial contact with Martha Dwyer, requesting a second opinion. Time was of the essence as the LLC was dissolving and the sale of its last asset was set to close barely a week later. Further complicating this request, the manager had just passed away. Ms. Dwyer immediately contacted the attorneys representing the estate of the manager. At the closing, she forced the proceeds into escrow, gaining valuable time to allow a closer look at the books. This was the first of many savvy and prescient moves, as intransigence from the opposing side turned what should have been a straightforward negotiation into a year and a half of obfuscation and delay and forced us to commence litigation. Ms. Dwyer patiently and diligently represented my interests, calling in a superb financial analyst and an experienced litigator to bring a favorable...

“Marty Dwyer who never missed a beat”

“In my time as Corporate Secretary of a publicly held company on the American Stock Exchange, we did a series of spin-offs, acquisitions and disposals. It was generally accomplished under the direction of Marty Dwyer who never missed a beat, kept us out of trouble with our multitude of business dealings, all the while staying calm and collected despite many long nights of negotiations that eventually turned successful. It was a fast paced five years that was also enjoyable in much part due to Marty. You can count on her.” – Diana Burton, Executive Assistant to Head of M&A Group  

“She is both creative and meticulous in fulfilling her role.”

“Martha Dwyer managed the documentation process and was an important negotiator during the creation of our first two investment funds, dealing with sophisticated representatives of major investment institutions resulting in the commitment of over $200 million. She is both creative and meticulous in fulfilling her role. We have continued to employ significant portions of the documents she crafted in six subsequent investment funds, which amount to an additional $2.7 billion of investment commitments.” – John S. Foster, Co-Founder, NGP Energy Capital Management  

“She knew how to get a deal completed.”

“Her work was always efficient and focused on the key items without spending inordinate time on legal minutiae that can eat up so much of a legal bill. She knew how to get a deal completed.” – J. Eric Hanson  

“a lawyer who gets things done”

“It’s been a refreshing change to work with a lawyer who gets things done, makes specific recommendations, and is even fun to work with.” – Alan Henricks

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