Aside from being an experienced transactional lawyer, Martha Dwyer also oversees litigation for clients, making the use of litigation services of well-qualified colleagues. For over 35 years, she has overseen many litigation matters, carefully structuring strategy, contributing her drafting skills to documents and negotiating settlements.

For Martha Dwyer, every case deserves full attention and a deep understanding of what is at stake. After all, she knows that every litigation process comes with various risks – from damage to the client’s reputation and negative media reportage to the vicissitudes of judges and arbitrators. Since litigation is expensive and risky, she assists clients in avoiding or minimizing it whenever possible.

Because of this, she works with a highly skilled and experienced team to study all possible strategies, with the goal of successfully advocating the client’s best interests. Together, Martha. Dwyer and her team deliver adept, efficient, and targeted legal assistance in the courtroom as well as at the settlement negotiation table. This way, she saves clients the time, expense and the mental and emotional aggravation that typically characterizes being involved in a trial. Many of her clients can attest to the creativity and innovation that she devotes to managing even the most complicated legal issues.

Martha Dwyer is assisted in real estate transactions by a pool of qualified professionals, each with a deep network across the legal profession. Together, they fulfill the promise of exceptional personalized service that is always tailor-fitted to the client’s needs.

Always, the goal is to provide her client the competitive edge.

Martha Dwyer’s litigation services include the following areas:
  • Loan issues, including collection
  • Contractual matters
  • Real estate disputes
  • Employment-related matters

I was a member in a Real Estate LLC in New York. Perceived improprieties on the part of the managing member during the sale of properties prompted my initial contact with Martha Dwyer, requesting a second opinion. Time was of the essence as the LLC was dissolving and the sale of its last asset was set to close barely a week later. Further complicating this request, the manager had just passed away.


Ms. Dwyer immediately contacted the attorneys representing the estate of the manager. At the closing, she forced the proceeds into escrow, gaining valuable time to allow a closer look at the books. This was the first of many savvy and prescient moves, as intransigence from the opposing side turned what should have been a straightforward negotiation into a year and a half of obfuscation and delay and forced us to commence litigation.


Ms. Dwyer patiently and diligently represented my interests, calling in a superb financial analyst and an experienced litigator to bring a favorable resolution. She consistently struck the perfect balance of cordiality and firmness, incredibly careful to protect my interests in every communiqué with opposing counsel.


I recommend her without reservation.