Obtaining legal services is a vital consideration for anyone in business, but of great importance for small business owners, who often face a number of legal hurdles when starting up, acquiring, growing, or exiting their companies. Limiting liability, tax structuring and ensuring compliance with various aspects of law are just a few the legal issues that small business owners may confront.

Oftentimes, the high costs of employing the services of a competent lawyer turn most business owners away from consulting them early on in the process. However failure to plan ahead often results in expensive problems in the long term. That can be lucrative for lawyers but it’s hardly desirable for clients.

Martha Dwyer encourages her clients to anticipate such issues. She offers a full range of cost-effective and thorough legal services. She possesses over 40 years of experience representing large and small companies, as well as individuals. Her creative and sophisticated approach to legal service has helped many clients successfully deal with mergers and acquisitions, business exit strategies, corporate law, commercial and contract law, private equity and finance, real estate transactions, and litigation.

As a trusted legal advisor, Ms. Dwyer is adept at listening to her clients and understanding their needs as she guides them towards making the best decisions. She knows what questions to ask about transactions and disputes, and where to get the answers. As an experienced lawyer, she can provide sound advice on even the most complicated legal matters. Best of all, she is personally invested in each of her clients, and works very hard to give them the best possible results.

Ms. Dwyer’s services are also available to medical marijuana/medical cannabis businesses and related service companies, including formation, fund-raising and structuring, contractual, intellectual property, compliance and outside general counsel services. The medical marijuana/medical cannabis business provides a huge opportunity for growth and an opportunity to provide medical and palliative care to people who are in great need of this service.

List of Services

In today’s global corporate environment, mergers and acquisitions (M & A) can give rise to a wide range of legal issues. Companies need expert advice when dealing with transaction arrangements, tax issues, management and employment structure, and indemnification.. Choosing the right attorney for such a transaction requires someone with foresight, experience and a broad network of legal and accounting experts.  More>>

Any business plan relating to a transaction should include a set of exit strategies, whether the transaction is an acquisition, an investment or a loan or any other type of transaction.

Exit strategies should be devised for all possible scenarios. For example, a plan can be drawn up to ensure that the transaction can prevent further losses in the event of failure. Another may address when the transaction meets the expected returns. Always, the goal is to be prepared for whatever can reasonably be anticipated.  More>>

With legalization of the medical use of marijuana expanding throughout the US at a rapid rate, medical marijuana law has become a growing and challenging area of practice. Medical marijuana (often combined with cannabidiol, or CBD, which is generally derived from hemp) shows great promise in treating medical conditions ranging from dementia to cancer to seizure disorders, often when other treatments have proven ineffective. The legalization of medical marijuana, and the concomitant increase in research regarding its uses and effects, may open the doors to significant relief for many suffering people..  More>>

Business leaders need comprehensive legal guidance combined with exceptional judgment as they navigate the complicated world of managing their companies. Legal advice from an experienced and well-practiced corporate lawyer is required for structuring, start-up requirements, expansion, closing or exiting a business, as well as general questions that arise from day-to-day operational activities.  More>>

Martha Dwyer is known for her solid experience and broad legal knowledge coupled with creativity when it comes to drafting and negotiating commercial agreements. Through these valuable qualities in the field of commercial law, she has helped many business owners understand various regulatory schemes and subsequently come up with informed business decisions.  More>>

Martha Dwyer represents healthcare clients in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, corporate, finance, private equity, and real estate. She structures, negotiates, documents, and assists in all facets of healthcare transactions, from simple to the most complex. These transactions have involved a wide variety of regulated and unregulated healthcare companies, including long-term care, assisted living, home health and hospice companies. Ms. Dwyer also coordinates due diligence reviews and liaises with regulatory counsel and other experts.  More>>

Martha Dwyer provides legal advice on structuring and raising funds for businesses and investment vehicles such as private equity funds through private placements of securities. Having represented both sides (separately) for many years she delivers over 35 years of knowledge and experience to help strategize the most suitable investment structure for her clients. This includes planning and drafting documents that accurately reflect client goals. She also provides guidance in effectively negotiating transactions.  More>>

A wide body of federal statutes, state statutes and common law govern real estate transactions. This makes it necessary for any real estate transaction to involve a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, like Martha Dwyer.  More>>


Aside from being an experienced transactional lawyer, Martha Dwyer also oversees litigation for clients, making the use of litigation services of well-qualified colleagues. For over 35 years, she has overseen many litigation matters, carefully structuring strategy, contributing her drafting skills to documents and negotiating settlements..  More>>