Martha Dwyer is known for her solid experience and broad legal knowledge coupled with creativity when it comes to drafting and negotiating commercial agreements. Through these valuable qualities in the field of commercial law, she has helped many business owners understand various regulatory schemes and subsequently come up with informed business decisions.

Her documents while, professionally crafted always have a personal detailed touch and seek to achieve the business ends of her clients. She prioritizes the protection of her clients with respect to important legal and business issues. Most importantly, along with her team of professionals, she devotes their focused attention to fulfilling the demands of each client.

In providing assistance to businesses, Martha Dwyer takes into account not only the current economic climate, but also what lies ahead in regulation, compliance, and management. With her ability to make sound judgments, she has successfully helped many clients not only to structure agreements on such matters as employment, consulting, and corporate governance, but also to develop a healthy, viable, and sustainable business strategy that is legally sound as well.

Among Martha Dwyer’s list of accomplishments in this area include representing clients in joint ventures, serving as general counsel, developing employment, consulting, and noncompetition and termination agreements and creating agreements necessary to address many other situations

Martha Dwyer’s commercial and contract law services provided are:
  • Business purchases and sales
  • Principals contracts (shareholders, partners, etc.)
  • Commercial contracts
  • Leases
  • Management contracts
  • Employment & consulting contracts
  • Termination agreements
  • Other contracts where the services of an experience and insightful lawyer are needed

Martha Dwyer worked on a number of transactions for us. Her work was always efficient and focused on the key items without spending inordinate time on legal minutiae that can eat up so much of a legal bill. She knew how to get a deal completed.

J. Eric Hanson

Former President, GR Foods