color-blocks-5 Martha Dwyer

has been a practicing lawyer in New York City for over 40 years. She represents individuals and businesses—from large entities to start-ups—in a wide range of corporate and commercial law transactions, mergers & acquisitions, financing, litigation, and dispute negotiation.

After graduating cum laude from Harvard University, Ms. Dwyer received her law degree from Columbia Law School as a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and her MBA from Columbia Business School. Prior to starting her own practice of over 25 years, Ms. Dwyer held positions with major law firms including Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meager & Flom, as well as with smaller law firms.

With her extensive training and knowledge of both business and the law, Ms. Dwyer gives extraordinary attention to detail and is proficient in analyzing financial documents. She works with clients to understand their needs identify potential problems and to arrive at effective and inventive bottom line legal solutions.

Ms. Dwyer is a member of the American Bar Association and serves on their LLCs, Partnerships and Unincorporated Entities Committee and their Opinion Committee. She is also a member of the New York City Bar Association.

In her personal life, Ms. Dwyer is a dedicated advocate for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is the Board President of the Home and School Association of Southbury Training School, which seeks to protect the interests of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Connecticut by advocating for their right to long-term, quality-of-life care, and provides support and amenities to residents of the Southbury Training School, a congregate facility located in Southbury, CT.

She is also a Board Member of the Southbury Training School Foundation, which operates a guardianship program for over 150 individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities at Southbury Training School and throughout Connecticut.

In addition, Ms. Dwyer is the Connecticut coordinator for VOR, a national organization that advocates for high quality care and human rights for those with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Ms. Dwyer was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut.

I first met Martha Dwyer in April 2006, less than two years after I started my first business in NYC. From our first meeting until the present day, Martha has assisted me in a myriad of ways extending far beyond standard legal services – she has served as a business consultant, strategic advisor, valued networker, and thoughtful friend.


Martha is incredibly responsive, realizing that sometimes the needs of a small business are urgent and time sensitive. On more than one occasion Martha has taken time during the weekends and her personal vacation time to assist in the review and generation of legal documents, and also consult with me on other matters.


One of my favorite things about Martha is that she is atypically light-hearted, relaxed, and refined – qualities I don’t see as pervasive among the attorneys I know and have dealt with. But these are more than her personality traits – these personal qualities are distilled in her work. Her heightened sense of design produces legal documents that derive their style from their functionality – they have all of the substance and craftsmanship to protect and serve her client with agonizing attention to detail, but with an intuitive organization that makes the anatomy of the document easy to process and understand. Good design is not about the way things look, it’s about the way things work – and she gets that wholeheartedly.


Whether it is forming a legal structure to start a business, acquiring another business, purchasing real estate, negotiating business contracts, or dealing with a business dispute, Martha receives my strongest recommendation.

Shane C. Welch

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